How To Use StripMail

The documents below covering StripMail usage are provided by StripMail users.
Many thanks to them for their efforts and contribution.

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StripMail removes '>' and '|' characters from received e-mail text in case you want to forward a message or use its content elsewhere.

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When replying or forwarding an e-mail that contains '>' characters at the beginning of each line:

Open your mail client's editor to compose a reply or to forward a message. Right click on the message text and select "Select All" item from menu. Right click again and select "Copy" menu item. This will place entire text of the message on clipboard.

Run StripMail or return back StripMail window and click "Paste" button. The text of message will appear in place of these instructions.

By clicking "Do It All" button, you can strip, paragraph, and copy text back to clipboard at once. StripMail will minimize leaving your mail editor on top. You will only need to paste the cleaned text back to the editor.

Operations can also be performed one by one. Click "Strip" button to remove unwanted characters from the beginning of message lines. Click "Paragraph" button to reformat each part of text separated by blank lines into paragraphs.

Press "Copy" button to copy the message text back to clipboard. Return to your message, right click on "already selected" message text and select "Paste" menu option.

Now your message is clear and ready to send to your friend(s) or to use in another application.

"Indent" button breaks text paragraphs into fixed length lines, placing indent character ('>') at the beginning of each line. After indenting, "Strip" will remove indent characters added, provided that "AutoParagraph" option turned off.

Indent character can be changed by selecting a single character of the text and executing "Indent char is : " option from popup menu.