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Configures forwarded e-mail messages, making them easier-to-read.


StripMail is a FREEWARE utility that:
  • Strips the characters ">" and "|" from forwarded e-mails.
  • Formats the text into paragraphs, making it easier to read.
  • Changes the text's right margin, by indenting.
  • Can be used with any e-mail client.

Run, then  follow the  instructions   in the  start-up window .
The same text can be used to demonstrate  the   results .

StripMail is  FREEWARE. Please use and distribute it as you see fit.

Please send your comments and suggestions to send comments.
You can also visit StripMail Facebook Page and share your opinions.

Tahir Belenli

Download links:
stripmail.exe, StripMail Program File   278 Kb, Executable only
stripmail_setup.exe, StripMail Simple Setup Program 283 Kb, With Installer, Zip archive   145 Kb, Zip format
StripMail 1.0 Beta Version

Copyright (C) 2000-2017, Tahir Belenli

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Revision History
02/09/2021 v 0.99q Added an option for removing hyphenation characters at the end of lines.
07/14/2017 v 0.99p Minor changes to user interface.
Home page changed to
02/18/2012 v 0.99o An option for compressing multiple spaces into a single space was added to context menu. Previously this was controlled by " Strip All '>'s " option.
If Ctrl Key is held down while clicking Do-It-All or Strip buttons, double spaces are added between sentences, otherwise single space.
11/27/2011 v 0.99o Corrected a bug in 'Paragraph' command which causes an 'Access Violation' error on lines consisting of only numerical characters.
10/16/2011 v 0.99o Context menu option to remove line numbers. Remember to turn it off when not necessary as it causes removal of any digits followed by a space at the beginning of lines.
01/25/2011 v 0.99n When formatting text into paragraphs, the lines starting with a number are assumed to be part of a numbered list only if they are succeded with of the characters '.', ')' or '-'.
Lines starting with email headers like 'From:' and 'To:' are no longer formatted into paragraphs.
"Instructions" option of context menu now restores original text instead of showing help content in a message box.
10/28/2009 v 0.99m Blank lines are removed when formating selected text into a paragraph from context menu.
Fixed an issue with writing preferences to system registry
10/14/2008 v 0.99l Added vertical splitter to enable resizing of edit window. This will make indentation easier.
Added Quote button, Indent button does do longer insert '>'s.
09/17/2008 v 0.99k Fixed an issue that occurs when there are OEM characters in the pasted text.
11/15/2006 v 0.99j Added "Close on Esc key" option to right-click menu.
05/17/2006 v 0.99i A space is added after '>' character when indenting the formatted text.
09/17/2002 v 0.99h Added -d (Do It All) and -x (Exit) to command line parameters .
09/13/2002 v 0.99g Added Auto Close option to right click menu
02/02/2001 v 0.99f Restore menu item enhanced to retain previous text (undo) after an operation.
Instructions are now displayed when F1 key is pressed.
Delete key was refusing to work properly while editing text. Fixed.
01/17/2001 v 0.99e Added keyboard shortcuts to popup menu. Ctrl-D can be used to do all stripping.
Font style and color is now saved when program closed.
Space added after punctuation marks was causing formatted numbers to deform. Fixed.
Second line of the text was getting lost when there is a single paragraph only. Fixed.
Close button now can be used to minimize program.
12/16/2000  v 0.99d Added "Do it all" button to paste and clean text with one click.
Auto Minimize setting was not saved when StripMail closed. Fixed.
12/14/2000 v 0.99c First release of StripMail




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