How To Use StripMail

In the future, when you want to forward an e-mail that has all those ">" signs at the left side of the page, you can use a new free utility to get rid of them all at once. Download the 265 kb program from:

After downloading stripmail, open File Manager in Windows Explorer, then go to the folder it was downloaded to.   The program was downloaded to c:\temp\ on my computer.  You can always locate the file using the FIND COMMAND.  Do run an anti virus program before opening  Stripmail.exe,     Since you don't want to keep this EXE file in a TEMP folder, right click on the file and click on Cut. Then right click on the folder you wish to store it in(in the left pane) and click Paste. This moves the executable to the new folder without making it a shortcut. Now right click on Stripmail.exe and click on Create Shortcut. A new icon with an arrow will show up below it with a 1 kb file size. Click on this shortcut holding down the left button and drag it on to your Start button and then release it.  This makes it easy to access this program very quickly.

The developers instructions for using this program aren't very clear so you may find it easier using these steps.

After viewing the message click on FORWARD then highlight the text. Make a copy of this highlighted area by hitting Ctrl C (or clicking on Edit - Copy). Click on the START button then Click on the new Stripmail icon you created,   A new window will pop up, click on the Paste button at the top. The instructions will disappear and you will see the copied text instead . Click the DO IT ALL  button. This button will strip off all those annoying ">" signs, reformat all the paragraphs, make a new, clean copy of text to the clipboard, and minimize itself .

Create a new email and with the cursor blinking in the body press  Ctrl V (or Edit Paste). The message will now be cleaned up and any references to prior senders may now be deleted.